Interactive Designer

Design for android and iOS platforms, graphic design, web, and rebranding


Together with the engineering team, I worked as a mobile designer for many customers, including Ameriprise, CSX, and E&J Gallo Winery. Focusing both on business needs and human-centric design, I was able to make satisfying products in the end. I learned a lot about mobile development best practices during these projects

Graphic Design

When I wasnt working on mobile designs, I would take on various design requests from the marketing and sales team. These would range from simple web banners, all the way to designing a full trade show booth. For Verivo’s own conferences, I was in charge of designing the messaging, style guides and materials.


When the company changed from Pyxis Mobile to Verivo, my team worked to define a new brand message, meaning, and culture. This process involved an update to all consumer facing materials, including logo, website, marketing collateral, and video productions. My team also created a branding bible that defined the rules and best practices.

Client Design Examples



Gallo Gateway

CSX Solutions

Graphic Design Examples